The Peyton/Potter State Missions Offering provides a helpful way for individuals and churches to work together to support the ministries and missions of Deaf Baptists in North Carolina. The offering is sponsored by North Carolina Deaf Baptist Conference. PPSMO of NCBCD budgets funds for all offering resources and promotion expenses. This means 100% of any gifts from individuals or church are used for outreach and missions.


Mission Committee Guidelines (Acrobat Reader)

Mission Trip Support Request Form (Adobe Reader)


You may contact the Mission Coordinator, Vicki Barker, at vbarker45@aol.com


Mission Opportunities


Tegucigalpa, Honduras - May 22- June 1, 2010

Needs:Join the Deaf leadership team and staff of the New Life Deaf Ministry in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for an exciting and Christ-centered time. Mission Activities include:

- Leadership Training workshops

- A short marriage retreat for deaf couples

- Youth night to reach out to deaf youth and teenagers

- Small projects with the Ministry's Happy Hands Christian School for Deaf Children

- Small Construction projects on the Ministry's new property and future high school.

Volunteers needed on Team: up to 20 people - Optimal: 8-14 people

Trip cost per person:$750 for a 10-night trip or $540 for a 7-night trip (Not including airfare)

Airport flying to: Toncontín International Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Who will we be working with: Deaf Leadership team and staff of New Life Deaf Ministry and the Executive Director, Christy Owen.

Contact person: Kevin Clark - kdbluebirdd@bellsouth.net


New Mexico Mission - June 10-14, 2010

Needs: Prepare Bible study and/or preach, fellowship, and contact with deaf in the community.

Volunteers needed on Team: at least 8-10 people. We need at least 4 preachers on this mission.

Trip cost per person: Approximately $1000

Airport flying to: Albuquerque International Sunport

Who will we be working with: Joyce Smith, NAMB and BCNM missionary in New Mexico.

Contact person: Kevin Clark - kdbluebirdd@bellsouth.net

Hungary, Europe - July 2010

Needs: Anyone who feels God's call to go to Hungary to serve the Lord.  We had about 8 mission trips offered but only 2 people signed up so we asked Severa , the IMB missionary to pick 1 out of 8 mission trips that she believes the most needed.  We will be starting a Hungary Deaf Camp. You could cook or lead the recreation program or do crafts.  

Volunteers needed on Team: 7 people

Trip cost per person: approximately $200 not including airfare

Airport flying to: Budapest Ferihegy International Airport

Who will we be working with:

Contact person: Kevin Clark - kdbluebirdd@bellsouth.net Please let me know by April 1st.



Reports from the Field


As we receive reports from those who have been to the mission field, we will publish here.