Fall 2017 Classes

Two classes will be offered in August. One class will be held at Ridgecrest, NC. This class is "Introduction to Christian History". Dr. Donnie Wiltshire will teach this class.

The second class offered will be held in Snellville, GA. This second class is "Gospel of John". Dr. Rick McClain will teach this class.

TriState now offers a Certificate in Deaf ministry for students who attend and pass certain TriState classes. Maybe this is the program for you! Read the FAQ below to know if a Certificate in Deaf Ministry is right for you!

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Fall 2017 Ridgecrest Registration form and information here,

Fall 2017 Snellville Registration form and information here,

TriState Certification Program FAQ here,

School Facts

In 1995, leaders from Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina came together to create a training opportunity for Deaf men and women involved in Deaf ministry. The leaders of the states Deaf ministries received support from their conventions to provide funding for this institution. The group enlisted Joyce Smith formerly of Ridgecrest, NC as the first director of this program. Following Joyce’s tenure Ralph Bradshaw of Asheville, NC assumed that role. The program was under Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, but in 2001 it became affiliated with Gardner Webb University of Boiling Springs, NC. GWU, a Baptist institution, has had a strong commitment to the education of Deaf men and women for over 25 years. This affiliation with Gardner Webb has allowed Tri State to offer college credit for all its course work for Deaf men and women desiring credit and certificates (without credit) for those wishing to receive advanced training in Deaf ministry.

Our Purpose

To teach Deaf people to

  • Be students of the Word
  • Be effective leaders in their church
  • Tell others about Jesus Christ
  • Become spiritually mature and responsible
  • Be Christ’s ministers to the world
All classes are taught by persons skilled in sign language. We offer two courses each semester. Each course is three semester hours.



  • Core Curriculum
  • Course Offering
  • Course Calendar

Core Curriculum

  • Biblical Studies
  • Old Testament and New Testament
  • Theological and Historical Studies
  • Proclamation and Communication

Degree Program Deaf men and women wishing to earn a college degree thru TriState and Gardner-Webb University can do so by applying directly to Gardner Webb University for admission

Course Offering

Classes cost $125.00 to take a class or $175.00 to take a class for college credit. This charge includes the Saturday lunch (5 of 6 Saturdays). Books are extra and paid by the student.

All classes are on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Classes usually meet every three weeks. There are six class days each semester (4 months).

Room, Meals and Travel Low cost rooms are available in a cabin or house. Each person will pay for his room cost. All meals, with the exception of the Saturday noon meal, will be at local restaurants at the student’s expense. Each student pays for his own travel for each class. In some states, you may be able to share a ride with other students.

Course Calendar

Fall 2012 Courses Offered

Taught at Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, NC

Religion 271 Spiritual Formation

Taught at Forest Hills Baptist Church Center, Wilson, NC

Religion 333 Christian Theology

Taught at Annistown Road Baptist Church, Snellville, GA

Religion 304 Old Testament Survey

    Pre-registration Deadline: August 6, 2012